Dec 29, 2011

Bora Bora!

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Alesund, Norway

Dec 14, 2011

Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island

Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island

Meteora, Thessaly, Greece

Meteora, Thessaly, Greece

Sea Arch, Portugal

Waterfall Island, Paraguay


The Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland is in fact an Igloo Village, at which you can have your pick of 20 unique glass and snow igloos for your stay. They aren’t ice houses, but 31 well-maintained log cabins – built from a very special thermo glass that keeps them warmth and comfortable. Because of that, the temperature inside the Igloos is always a normal room temperature and the igloos inhabitants won’t feel any of the polar cold.
ice bar
The Igloo Village Kakslauttanen boasts a World’s Largest Snow Restaurant. You can enjoy a drink at the Ice Bar, or visit the Ice Gallery for local art, or try the world’s largest smoke sauna if you get a chance, or throw the most memorable wedding or christening at the Ice Chapel.
igloosigloo finland
The surrounding Finnish Lapland scenery is incredible – it’s a prime spot for marveling at the northern lights throughout the winter. When sleeping in the glass igloos you are able to for viewing the amazing natural phenomena – Aurora Borealis and the millions of stars in the sky. The experience is also unforgettable when there is a snowstorm…
hotel igloo kakslauttanen

Colmar, France

Arquitetura Pessoal

In the town of Sintra, the Quinta da Regaleira, an extremely beautiful architectural complex, includes an early twentieth century palace and a garden. Specialists consider that the estate reveals and symbolises Masonic rituals, although no-one knows whether the original owner of the estate, António Carvalho Monteiro, actually practised Masonic rituals on the site, or simply desired to perpetuate the imaginary universe of this secret cult.
The garden includes labyrinthine galleries and subterranean grottoes, which can be accessed from this dry well, 60 metres deep, 9 stairwells each with 15 steps.

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Arquitetura Pessoal


Christkindlmarkt - Nuremberg


Holiday in Europe - Germany-Poland-France Christmastrip 2010

The end of 2010 proved to be a deluge of snowy, frigid weather for all Europeans. So considering that we were traveling right in the middle of December’s angry weather attacks, we got very lucky. We missed all storms and despite a small, non-weather related delay on our flight to Frankfurt and some train issues between Frankfurt and Paris, our holiday trip turned out as fantastic as it possibly could.

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